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Rob Diggy Morrison
Cinematic Film Composer
TV Composer Music Film Scorer
Award Winning Grammy Recipient For: Crazy In Love Remix 2004 By Beyonce

Rob Diggy Morrison, From Chicago, Il, has proven to be a testament and mainstay in music and entertainment over and over again. With an ear for creativity and well-rounded discipline, he proves himself to be ready for any challenge having to do with the essence of Music Production, Vocal Arrangement, Film Composition, Sound Design, Engineering and live musician to piano and guitar are only a few of the multiple he harnesses.

Diggy has always had a desire and admiration to play instruments. Starting young, at 14, he received a ’63 Gibson SG guitar that he still plays to this day, this was the start of it all. Joining the high school band, he also found his love for brass. Being around that array of sound seamlessly changed his life. He also embraced his newfound love, the piano and that was the game changer throughout college and adulthood.
Rob has many teachers and mentors throughout the industry. As a Film Composer, Mr. Diggy has been very successful, accrediting his success to Hans Zimmer and Quincy Jones, his mentors. He has also been compared to the likes of Danny Elfman, John Williams and Brian Tyler, often being called the “Sixth Man of Music.”

As a musician and Keyboard arranger, Rob accredits Morris Hayes for teaching him keyboard syntheses and still learns from him to this day. When Beyonce released her Multi-Platinum Award Winning “Dangerously In Love” 2004 album it featured the hot club remix “Crazy In Love,” earning Diggy a Grammy and Certified Gold Record for his outstanding participation as Musician and Arranger.

Rob Diggy also has learned under Grammy Nominated producer and Film Composer Vassal Benford, completing music cues for Sony Pictures’ “The Swan Princess Christmas.” Diggy currently is working with production partner, award winning Video Director J. Jesses Smith, and many various local independent film directors and producers as the go-to Post-Production Composer of their Choice.


Have you ever wondered how that car sound from Fast and the Furious
Sounded so great, or that dinosaur thump in Jurassic Park, well that’s a Foley Sound used to enhance the sound of the film and bring new meaning to the actor’s movements.

My new company called Ozone Digital FX
started this year will assist Independent filmmakers,
Gamers, intro's for album projects.

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